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Title: Forum rules & Staff members list
Post by: Nafil on January 04, 2018, 03:55:49 PM

1) Insulting or provoking others members is not allowed.

2) Spamming or bumping old topics is not allowed.

3) If you need report a member, click on the "report to moderator" button", if admin or g.moderator, send a message to the Owner.

4) Trolling or harasing is not allowed.

5) You can't post a download links (only for videos, mods showroom and mods requests).

6) Adversting is really not allowed and you will be banned/warned/muted (depends on the situation).

7) Multi accounting except to post an unban request is not allowed.

8 ) Follow the rules and dont make any your own.

9) Here, we are talking only about GTA SAN ANDREAS.

10) Sharing something about others members IS NOT ALLOWED.

11) Sharing hidden boards for staff members only, will lead to perm. ban.

Actions which can get you banned/warned/muted


1) Adversting (Posting download links/websites)

2) Spamming (porn,hard spam,spamming personal messages,replies,topics)

3) Insulting (Provoking and insulting other members)

4) Trolling

5) Hard breaking of any rule


1) Less spam (Not a full "spamming"

2) Not a big deal insults (Little insulting)

3) Trolling/Provoking (Listen above)


1) Spam

2) Hard insults

3) Useless topics

4) Insulting

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